Core HROPAL: The Foundation of Your HR Success

Core HROPAL is the backbone of your HR operations, designed to ensure that your organization remains compliant, efficient, and competitive.

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Navigate the complexities of labor laws confidently with our compliance tools, ensuring your practices meet regional standards.

Simplified Payroll Processing

Leverage our comprehensive system for a streamlined, error-free payroll operation that saves time and reduces stress.

Recognition and Rewards

Foster a positive workplace culture with our intuitive rewards system, promoting motivation and employee satisfaction.


Top Features of this service.

HR/Personnel Administration

Centralize your HR management with our comprehensive module. Manage employee records, organizational structures, and HR policies in one place, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Payroll/Benefits Management

Automate payroll and manage benefits efficiently. Our module supports complex calculations, tax compliance, and benefits administration, ensuring your employees are paid accurately and on time.

Time & Attendance Management

Ensure accurate tracking of time and attendance. Our system integrates with biometric devices and supports flexible scheduling, overtime calculation, and leave management, enhancing operational efficiency.

Third-Party Interfaces

Extend the capabilities of your HR system with third-party integrations. Connect with financial systems, ERP, and other business tools to streamline processes and enhance data accuracy.

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Few highlights of our product.

Payroll Management:

Streamline payroll processing with comprehensive tools.

Rewards & Recognitions

Foster a positive culture with rewards and recognitions.

E-Separation (Exit Management)

Smoothly manage the employee exit process.

Integration with Third-Party ERP Systems and Access Control Terminals

Enhance operations with seamless ERP and access control integrations.

Over 150 Reports Across Modules Including Analytics

Leverage insights from extensive reporting and analytics.

Core HROPAL is the backbone of your HR operations, designed to ensure that your organization remains compliant.

Core HROPAL is the backbone of your HR operations, designed to ensure that your organization remains compliant, efficient, and competitive. This central suite integrates essential HR functions such as statutory compliance, payroll management, and employee recognition into a unified platform. With Core HROPAL, businesses can navigate the complexities of HR management with ease, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and strategic employee engagement.

Benefits for the Organization by installing HROPAL Workforce Service.

Benefits for Employees by using HROPAL Workforce Service.

“HROPAL transformed our HR processes—efficient, user-friendly, and responsive. A game-changer for us!”

“Since implementing HROPAL, we've seen a remarkable improvement in employee satisfaction. Highly recommended!”

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Core HROPAL focuses on ensuring compliance with statutory requirements, simplifying payroll processing, and fostering a culture of recognition within organizations. It includes tools for Statutory Compliance to keep HR practices in line with labor laws, Payroll Management for streamlined salary processing, and Rewards & Recognition to motivate and engage employees. Additionally, it offers over 150 reports for strategic insights into HR operations.

Core HROPAL includes tools and updates to ensure HR practices comply with regional labor laws, reducing compliance risks.

It offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use system for payroll processing, including tax calculations and automatic deductions.

Core HROPAL fosters a culture of recognition with a rewards system that allows for the easy management and distribution of rewards.

Yes, it can seamlessly integrate with existing ERP systems and access control terminals for unified operations.

The module offers over 150 reports and analytics tools to provide insights and aid in strategic decision-making.

Yes, the E-Separation (Exit Management) functionality allows for smooth and effective management of employee exits.

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