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Core HROPAL is the backbone of your HR operations, designed to ensure that your organization remains compliant, efficient, and competitive.

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HROPAL Strategic Modules

Performance Management Excellence

Elevate employee performance through comprehensive evaluation systems, fostering growth and development.

Efficient Recruitment Process

Streamline your hiring to attract and retain top talent with our advanced recruitment management system.

Empowered Learning & Development

Drive continuous improvement and skill advancement with targeted learning and development tools.

HROPAL Strategic Modules

Top Features of this service.

Performance Appraisal Management

Drive employee performance and growth with our appraisal management system. Set objectives, conduct reviews, and provide feedback to align individual goals with organizational objectives.

Training Management

Develop your workforce with our training management module. Plan, execute, and track training programs to ensure employee growth and compliance with industry standards.

Dashboard and Analytics

Gain insights into your HR operations with our analytics dashboard. Visualize data on workforce trends, performance metrics, and HR analytics to make informed decisions and drive strategic initiatives.

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Few highlights of our product.

Workforce Planning and Headcount Monitoring

Strategically plan and monitor workforce needs and changes.

Performance Management System Including Probation Evaluation Process

Elevate performance with comprehensive management and evaluations.

Recruitment Management System

Optimize your recruitment process to attract top talent.


Ensure a smooth transition for new hires into your organization.

Learning & Development

Foster growth with targeted training and development programs.

HROPAL Strategic Modules are designed to propel your organization forward by optimizing critical HR.

HROPAL Strategic Modules are designed to propel your organization forward by optimizing critical HR functions such as performance management, recruitment, and employee development. These modules offer advanced tools to strategically plan, execute, and monitor HR initiatives that align with your business goals. By leveraging HROPAL Strategic Modules, organizations can ensure a competitive edge in talent management, performance evaluation, and workforce development.

Benefits for the Organization by installing HROPAL Workforce Service.

Benefits for Employees by using HROPAL Workforce Service.

“The HROPAL mobile app has made HR tasks seamless for our team. Fantastic tool!”

“HROPAL's support team is outstanding. They've made implementation a breeze!”

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HROPAL Strategic Modules are designed to elevate HR strategy and execution with comprehensive tools for workforce planning, performance management, recruitment, and learning & development. These modules allow organizations to implement a performance management system that evaluates and enhances employee performance, streamline the recruitment process to attract top talent efficiently, and foster employee growth with learning and development tools. This strategic approach ensures that HR operations contribute significantly to organizational success.

It includes comprehensive tools for evaluating and enhancing employee performance, including probation evaluations and performance reviews.

It optimizes the recruitment process from job postings to candidate tracking, making it efficient to attract and retain top talent.

It supports employee growth with tools for identifying training needs, managing nominations, and tracking attendance and feedback.

They provide tools for strategic workforce planning and headcount monitoring, helping organizations plan and monitor their workforce composition effectively.

Yes, the Onboarding module ensures a smooth and engaging

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