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HROPAL Workforce Admin

Lifecycle Management

Seamlessly manage the entire employee lifecycle, from hiring to retirement, with comprehensive data tools.

Attendance and Leave Efficiency

Accurately track employee attendance and streamline the leave management process for fairness and compliance.

Financial Management Simplified

 Effortlessly handle employee expenses, loans, advances, and travel requests, from submission to approval.


Top Features of this service.


Optimize your recruitment process from job posting to hiring. Track applicants, manage interviews, and streamline communication to ensure you attract and hire the best talent efficiently.

Manpower Budget Monitoring

Control your manpower costs with our budget monitoring tools. Plan your workforce strategically, forecast hiring needs, and monitor budgets in real-time to make cost-effective decisions.

Employee Accommodation Management

Manage employee accommodations seamlessly. Our module helps in assigning accommodations, tracking occupancy, and managing related expenses, ensuring comfort and compliance.

Employee Timesheet Module

Track employee hours accurately with our timesheet module. Employees can log hours worked, while managers can approve timesheets, facilitating payroll accuracy and project billing.

Legal Document Processing/PRO

Simplify the management of legal documents and Public Relations Officer (PRO) tasks. Track visa statuses, renewals, and other legal requirements to ensure compliance and timely processing.

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Few highlights of our product.

Employee Hire to Retire End-to-End Data Management

Comprehensive lifecycle management from hiring to retirement.

Attendance Management

Accurately track and manage employee attendance.

Leave Management

Automate and streamline the leave management process.

Expense Management

Simplify and expedite the expense claim process.

Loans & Advances

Manage and track employee loans and advances with ease.

Travel Management

Streamline travel requests and approvals efficiently.

Flexible Salary and Benefits Structure Definitions

Customize salary and benefits to fit diverse needs.

Statutory Compliance with Region's Labour Laws

Ensure HR practices comply with local labor laws.

HROPAL Workforce Admin is designed to provide HR professionals with the tools they need.

HROPAL Workforce Admin is designed to provide HR professionals with the tools they need to efficiently manage administrative tasks and support the employee lifecycle. This suite enhances operational efficiency by integrating attendance management, document handling, leave processing, and financial management into a single, easy-to-use platform. By automating routine tasks, HROPAL Workforce Admin frees up HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives that improve workplace culture and employee satisfaction.

Benefits for the Organization by installing HROPAL Workforce Admin.

Benefits for Employees by using HROPAL Workforce Admin.

“Our HR workflow has never been smoother. HROPAL's modules cover all our needs!”

“From recruitment to retirement, HROPAL manages it all. A complete HR solution.”

Still having doubts? Read FAQs.

HROPAL Workforce Admin provides comprehensive tools for managing the entire employee lifecycle from hire to retire. It ensures accurate attendance tracking, streamlined leave management, and effective handling of expenses and loans. These features help in maintaining fairness, compliance, and operational efficiency across all stages of the employee lifecycle.

It offers a suite of tools for managing the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment and onboarding to retirement, ensuring comprehensive data management.

Yes, it integrates seamlessly with various attendance capturing devices to accurately track employee attendance.

The system simplifies leave management by automating the application and approval process, ensuring fairness and compliance.

Yes, loans and advances management is streamlined for ease and transparency, with clear tracking and repayment schedules.

HROPAL Workforce Admin efficiently manages travel requests, approvals, and expense submissions, simplifying corporate travel and expense reporting.

Absolutely, the system allows for the customization of salary structures and benefits packages to meet diverse employee needs.

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