Elevate Your HR Experience with HROPAL Workforce Service.

HROPAL Workforce Service revolutionizes the way organizations manage their human resources.

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HROPAL Workforce Service

Empowerment Through Self-Service

Enable employees to manage their personal data, enhancing autonomy and satisfaction.

Automated Workflow Efficiency

Streamline HR processes with automated workflow approvals, saving time and increasing operational efficiency.

Centralized Document Management

Easily access and manage all employee-related documents in one secure, centralized location.

HROPAL Workforce Service

Top Features of this service.

Employee Self Service

Empower your employees with a comprehensive self-service portal. This feature allows individuals to manage their personal details, view payslips, submit time-off requests, and access company policies, fostering autonomy and engagement.

Manager Self Service

Enhance managerial efficiency with a dedicated self-service module. Managers can approve requests, view team information, manage schedules, and access reports, enabling them to make informed decisions swiftly

Workflow Manager

Streamline your HR processes with our Workflow Manager. Automate and manage workflows for leave requests, expense claims, and more, ensuring a smooth operation and a reduction in manual tasks.

Expense Reimbursement Management

Simplify the expense management process. Our module allows employees to submit expenses easily, while managers can review and approve reimbursements swiftly, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

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Few highlights of our product.

Employee Self Service

Empower employees with direct control over their personal data.

Workflow and Online Approval

Streamline processes with automated workflow approvals.

Employee Documents

Centralize and secure employee document management.

Claims & Reimbursement

Simplify employee claims processing with transparency.

Online Payslip Access

Provide instant access to payslips for transparency.

HR Policies Review and Acknowledgment

Ensure compliance through easy policy distribution.

Birthday Notifications, Holiday List, Announcements, My Team Access

Enhance communication and team spirit with integrated notifications and access.

HROPAL Workforce Service revolutionizes the way organizations manage their human resources.

HROPAL Workforce Service revolutionizes the way organizations manage their human resources. Designed to enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and empower both employees and HR teams, our suite of services transforms traditional HR tasks into a streamlined, user-friendly experience. With features like employee self-service, workflow automation, and online document management, we pave the way for a more dynamic and productive workplace.

Benefits for the Organization by installing HROPAL Workforce Service.

Benefits for Employees by using HROPAL Workforce Service.

“HROPAL's analytics have empowered our strategic HR decisions. Truly a powerful platform.”

“The customization options in HROPAL are impressive. It fits our unique business needs perfectly.”

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HROPAL Workforce Service offers a suite of features designed to empower employees and streamline HR workflows. Key features include Employee Self-Service for personal data management, Workflow Automation to streamline HR processes, and Centralized Document Access for easy management of employee-related documents. These tools enhance satisfaction and operational efficiency in HR management.

Yes, employees can easily view and download their payslips online, ensuring transparency and accessibility.

The system simplifies the processing of claims and reimbursements with an intuitive and transparent approach, allowing for quick submissions and approvals.

Absolutely, HROPAL Workforce Service facilitates the distribution and acknowledgment of HR policies, ensuring all employees are up to date and compliant.

Yes, it enhances internal communication with features like birthday notifications, holiday list announcements, and access to team information.

Yes, employees can manage their time with online check-in and check-out options, streamlining time management.

Yes, the module includes appraisals, goal management, self-appraisals, training schedules, and nominations, supporting comprehensive performance management.

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